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NewLine bringt Blade Trilogy DVD-Box mit erweiterten Szenen

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    Review der Unrated-DVD:
    Zitat von Freeze Dried Movies
    Release Date: 2005-04-26
    Region: 1
    Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
    Audio Tracks: 5.1 and DTS 6.1
    Subtitles: English Spanish
    Studio: New Line Cinema
    Features: Widescreen version of the unrated film with 10 minutes of added footage, Widescreen version of the R-rated film, Two commentaries by writer-director David Goyer, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, producer, and crew, 16-part behind-the-scenes documentary "Daywalkers, Nightstalkers & Familiars: Inside the World of Blade: Trinity", Alternate ending, Blooper reel, Goyer on Goyer: The writer interviews the director, Galleries: VFX progression and weapons, Theatrical trailer


    Sure it’s a step down from their amazing Infinifilm, but New Line Home Entertainment’s double-disc platinum series DVD release of Blade: Trinity is still a DVD worthy of owning. On April 26th New Line will be releasing both the R-Rated and Unrated versions of the film, but why bother with the R-Rated when you can have ten more minutes of unseen butt-kicking mayhem?

    The DVD package is really well done and very attractive and when you pick it up, you’ll see how heavy it is. The DVD comes with two DVDs and a exclusive comic book just for the release. Ironically enough the first thing I found when I put in disc #2 was an easter egg of an outtake, which was nothing spectacular. But when I loaded “Inside the World of Blade: Trinity,” my head spun in shock. This extra feature is divided into a whopping 17 chapters of behind-the-scenes fun from Trinity. Everything you ever wanted to know about the making of the film is jammed into this amazing featurette.

    One of my favorite features was the “Blooper Reel,” which had dozens upon dozens of hilarious outtakes. Easily the best is where Wesley Snipes’ stuntman was bouncing across a bridge and stopped to clean a guy’s windshield like a bum. This feature never fails, unless of course it’s only like 30 seconds long.

    Now the crème of the crop- the reason you’re going to buy this DVD- the “Goyer on Goyer’ featurette. In this brilliant feature David Goyer the writer interviews David Goyer the director. They sit side by side and talk as if they’re both different people. Every single time one of the Goyers makes a joke, the other laughs and in turn I bust out laughing. Seriously, this is a fantastic addition to the DVD.

    What some of you really are buying this for is the alternate ending, which is actually the worst part of the DVD. I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t color corrected or something but this scene is terrible. It has Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel hunting down a Werewolf in a casino. The lines are hokey, the outfits hilarious and it looks like a made for TV sci-fi channel movie.

    There’s also an interesting gallery, which isn’t what you’d expect. Forget stills from the movie, these have visual FX shots being worked on along with the weapons shown in progression on computer screens. Very cool stuff indeed.

    The final feature, which I’m dying to find some time to check out are the commentary tracks. Unfortunately I haven’t the time to listen, but you can’t go wrong with Ryan Reynolds- ever- he’s easily one of the funniest people alive. The track also features Jessica Biel and writer/director David Goyer. There’s also a separate track for the entire team including the producers and more. These are only available on the extended DVD release.

    I would highly recommend picking up this DVD set on April 26th. New Line Cinema is easily the best company when it comes to DVD releases and their quality. The DVD looks great and the DTS 6.1 surround kicks. Plus you get all those extra features that someone actually took the time to organize instead of just lumping them onto a DVD just to say they’re there. New Line Cinema deserves some sort of award I swear. Pick this up if you liked or haven’t seen the movie, it’s worth every penny.



      weiß einer von euch ob in der US Blade-Box Teil 1+2 auch in der längeren Unrated
      Version kommen?
      Oder bleiben die DVD`s die alten?
      Hallo an alle !!!
      In Dunkelheit wandelnd,
      in vergessenheit gezeugt,
      erbaut von jenen,
      den Architekten der Angst

      Gruß Cursed