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The Dead next Door / Anchor Bay

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    The Dead next Door / Anchor Bay

    Ich denke das wird ein Release auf das man sich freuen kann.

    Anchor Bay DEAD NEXT DOOR DVD details

    A little while back (i.e., here), we told you that J.R. Bookwalter wanted to hear your vote as to whether you’d like to see a limited-edition special DVD of his Super-8 zombie epic THE DEAD NEXT DOOR. Now it seems that more than the fans responded; Anchor Bay has announced that it has made a deal with Bookwalter’s Tempe Video to release an extras-packed DEAD disc in 2005, just in time for the film’s 20th anniversary. Bookwalter tells Fango that the extras he tentatively plans to include are:

    • Digitally remastered transfer from the original Super-8 film elements, with updated titles and opticals
    • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround remix
    • Alternate "temp track" audio mix with the original actors’ voices
    • Commentary by writer/director Bookwalter and other key production personnel
    • Extensive making-of featurette containing all-new interviews, rare behind-the-scenes footage and local TV appearances
    • Test footage from the planned 3/4-inch video shoot
    • Deleted and extended scenes
    • 1980 short film Zombie, which DEAD NEXT DOOR was based upon, with commentary by Bookwalter
    • Clips from the German and Spanish-dubbed releases
    • Frightvision 2000 reunion footage
    • Three Miles Out music video
    • Huge still gallery with press clippings, artwork and more
    • DVD-ROM PDF files of all six original screenplay drafts, which include never-filmed scenes

    Stay tuned for further details.
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    Hmm ich hab zwar die alte LE von Splatter Rampage aber bei diesen Extras werd ich eventuell nochmal zugreifen.

    "I won't let you spoil my party even if it sucks big time!"


      Ich hole die mir auf jeden Fall!